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Andorra the "Country of the Pyrenees" is an independent state with more than a thousand years of history.

It is located between Spain and France north of Catalonia.

With an extension of 468 square km and at a distance of 210 km from Barcelona.

Bus Barcelona makes available to its customers a shuttle Andorra la Vella-Barcelona / Barcelona Airport at reduced prices.

Andorra is famous for its:

 · Magnificent ski resorts.

 · Your economic stores with very low taxes.

 · And the great variety of offers in hotel infrastructure and services.

For these reasons, it receives almost 8 million visitors annually.

What to do in Andorra?

For nature lovers, Andorra is a perfect destination since 90% of the country's territory is forest land.

In the winter period it is a very interesting option for ski fans:

· So much for its many and magnificent tracks.

· As for its great capacity to host visitors, in hotels, pensions or hostels.

In summer you can always enjoy adventure sports or simply the breathtaking views of the mountains, lakes and rivers or the forest.


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Andorra is also a perfect destination for shopping but without going over the products have to go through the border and are limited to a certain amount per person.

Although it has a border with Spain, it has an agreement with the European economic community and it is not enough to have a passport to visit it only with the DNI.

Hotels, restaurants, skiing, spa, adventure sports, shopping, excursions, culture, gastronomy ...

These are some of the many activities and experiences that await you in Andorra.

Minibus Barcelona gives you the opportunity to get to know Andorra in a quick, weekend or more extensive visit if you feel like it.

Using our Minibus Barcelona Andorra transfer from Barcelona or from anywhere in Catalonia, find out more.

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