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Bus Barcelona Montserrat from 9 to 55 seats.

Bus Barcelona Montserrat - Visit the Monastery of Montserrat

Bus Barcelona puts at your disposal a bus transfer from Barcelona Montserrat to visit the Monastery.

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A point of pilgrimage for the visitor of Catalonia is the mountain of Montserrat.

The mountain of Montserrat surprises its visitors before arriving, from the distance you can see a large isolated mountain in the landscape, drawing attention for its large silhouette of rugged relief.

Hence its name Montserrat, "monte serrado". 

Mountain of Montserrat - Bus Barcelona Montserrat

Located on the mountain of Montserrat, at 700 meters above sea level, we find the Monastery of Montserrat.

The set consists of two large blocks of buildings: the basilica, along with the monks' quarters, in addition, the buildings for tourists and pilgrims

Bus Barcelona recommends this visit because of its high cultural value, both architectural and religious.

The visitor can venerate the Virgin of Montserrat better known as "La Moreneta", virgin patron of Catalonia.

Also, admire the Sanctuary and its surroundings.

Also, for those who love hiking, Montserrat has countless routes to enjoy nature.



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